Tailormade solutions


Audit is quality control of the accounts and the bookkeeping routines. Business controlling systems are closely tested to secure that they work as intended. Also, financial statements are to be analysed. Unexpected results of the analysis are to be explained, to lower the risk of significant financial misstatements. Through the audit process, we will also be able to provide consulting and advicory to strenghten the business controlling tools and to increase effectivity. Our aim is to offer the best expertise and great service to our clients.

Audit required companies include all norwegian limited and listed companies and operations. However, there are exeptions to this. Based on the company's revenue, number of emloyees and total assets, the company may be excepted the audit requisition.

Our method of audit is based on a flat structure and close collaboration between the associate and the managing partner. This structure secures an effective and flexible audit process. We are located in modern offices in downtown Oslo. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us. 


Accounting and bookkeeping is the daily process of keeping track of all your transactions. Not only do we provide audit services, but we are also authorized accountants through our accounting department.

We offer all kinds of accounting and bookkeeping services. We also offer production of financial statements and tax papers for companies and privates.

Consulting and tax

Hiring a proffesional can save time, cost and provide synergies. We operate as consultants and advisors for companies with questions regarding tax and accounting. 

We are experienced with the technical aspects of foundings, restructurings, capital increase and decrease, valuations, as well as preperation of minutes of board meetings and other documents. Our highly skilled associates and partners are ready to answer to your queries.